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Balboa Island Hotel

Did you know that Balboa Island has the densest community in Orange County? We think that when that many people are living in a small area, it might be best to stay in the next city. Well, the next city and the oceanfront is less then a mile away! If you are looking for a hotel near Balboa Island that is right on the ocean, then the Doryman's Inn is the most convenient and smart decision. Not to say that there are not other hotel choices near Balboa Island or yachts you could stay on, but Doryman's Inn is a boutique hotel for a one of a kind stay.
Like no other Balboa Island hotels, the Doryman's Inn delivers the intrigue of briefly encountering the glamour of a past period with all the amenities of today.
This exceptional hotel right next to Balboa Island, has ten hand crafted bedrooms to settle in after walking all day around Balboa. Each room with the romantic influences of historic Victorian designs.
Discover rooms with the elegance of tasteful French and American antiques, of sunshine warming through fern-filled skylights, adding highlights to Italian marble sunken bathtubs just steps from Balboa Island. We are sure that this type of experience and beachfront location will not be found in any hotel this close to Balboa. Our unique Inn features floral draperies and bedspreads, gilt-edged beveled mirrors and etched French glass fixtures all brought to life by a warm, cozy fireplace. A most convenient location and an beachfront experience awaits you at the only oceanfront hotel near Balboa Island. Call today to reserve your room.

Doryman's Inn is located on the oceanfront,
across from the Newport Beach Pier.
For hotel reservations please call (949) 675.7300
For restaurant reservations please call (949) 673.2100
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